Archive of Diploma Theses of Poznan University of Technology

The APD system supports the graduation process in USOS system, starting with the submission of thesis topic proposals and their approval by the relevant committee. Detailed instructions for the system can be found at

Process description

The process begins with the submission of thesis topics. Submissions must take into account the field of study, specialization and faculty where the thesis will be carried out. The authorities of a given faculty decide whether submissions are added to the catalog of thesis topics in the ADF - students then have the opportunity to sign up with potential supervisor in the system. The deadline for submitting thesis topic proposals in a given period is set by the Dean of the Faculty.

The next step is the submission of a proposal by the Supervisor and the Student, which is the first step in the creation of the thesis information card. The proposal must be in accordance with the student's field of study and specialization. The submitted proposals are reviewed by the Committee and only approved proposals can proceed to the next stage carried out by the Student. This stage ends with uploading the work to the system and checking it by the anti-plagiarism system.

The final stage conducted in the APD is the defense of the diploma thesis, preceded by the Dean's decision to appoint the examination committee and the date of defense.